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Preorders for Totality Tie Dyes are live from now until March 15th! Click here for yours! They will begin being mailed out on March 18th!

I made this graphic from one of my tie dyes!

I have sorted my ready made tie dyes into groups, mainly according to the sizes.  I hope you find it easy to navigate!  If you click on the size  or items you want to view, (below) then you will be taken to that section!  The sections contain thumbnails of each item, and when you click on the thumbnail, you will see the larger picture (and item details where necessary)! There is a button to add items to your shopping cart under each enlargement!

Made to order tie dyes have their own section (click Made to Order button below) and there you will find T-shirts and other items that can be made for you in any quantity and any size that I offer! (for wholesale orders 12+ of an item, please email me for qty. price list) I use three cycles of HOT water when dyeing cotton items, and dry them on high in the clothes dryer, so they are completely preshrunk)  Each section has a link back at the bottom, so you won't need to use your browser's back button. Thanks for visiting!

I made this graphic from one of my tie dyes!


I made this graphic from one of my tie dyes!


Made to Order Tie Dyes

click here

I made this graphic from one of my tie dyes!

Ready Made Tie Dyes

Adult S/M Tie Dyed Tees

Tie Dyed Baby Stuff

Girls'tie dye Dresses

Adult Lg Tie-Dye Tees

Kids'Tie Dyed Tees

Tie Dyed Dresses

Adult XL Tie-Dye Tees

Kids' Longsleeve Tie Dyes

Ladies Other Tie Dyed Tops

Adult 2X Tie-Dye Tees

Adult Longsleeve Tie Dyes

Other Tie Dyed Unisex Shirts

Adult 3X Tie Dyed Tees

tie dyed underwear

Tie-Dyed Skirts and Pants

4X/5X Tie Dyed Tees

Tie Dyed Accessories

Tie Dyed Pet Items

OLD! Hand Dyed Quilt Fabrics!

My Hand-Dyed Quilt Fabrics
My Hand-Dyed Quilt Fabrics could be found here!

If you want something, let me know!

NEW! Jewelry!

My jewelry can be found here!

NEW! Stickers, buttons, calendars, clothing and much more - Even coffee cups! It's all about being GROOVY. Spread tolerance, love, peace and grooviness with a unique product designed by TieDyeQueen. Make great gifts!!

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NEW! my Hemp Planet cafepress shop! Get the message out with a groovy product with the Hemp Planet design by TieDyeQueen! Maybe it will make someone think, and make a difference! Before it's too late!

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